Buttonwillow Raceway

Let's Get You On The Track

Saturday also features CSF Bimmer Challenge.
Saturday and Sunday also features DriveSkills SuperSpec Cup.

Dates: Saturday, October 21, 2023 - Sunday, October 22, 2023

Price: $229 Early Signup Price

Instruction: All experience levels welcome. (Click here for more info)

Track: Buttonwillow Raceway (Buttonwillow, CA)

Configuration: 13 CW on Saturday - 13 CW on Sunday

Timing: Timing and Transponders are Available

For a list of drivers registered for Saturday's event and their cars, click here.
For a list of drivers registered for Sunday's event and their cars, click here.

Event Information:

LOCATION: Buttonwillow Raceway is located just off Interstate 5 at the Lerdo Hwy exit, which is 10 miles north of the 58/I-5 interchange and 10 miles south of the 46/I-5 interchange. The track is on Lerdo Hwy, ½ mile west of the freeway. Note that there is a $10/person gate fee charged to everyone, including spectators.

SCHEDULE: You should plan to show up at the track by 60-90 minutes before your first meeting. This meeting is MANDATORY for all drivers unless you have received prior clearance to miss it. Please check in BEFORE unloading or working on your car. The Drivers' Meeting may begin as early as 7:00am (depending on your run group). Cars typically go on track at 8:00am for the Advanced groups.

The snack bar will be open for breakfast and lunch.

Either a TOW HOOK or some TOW POINT is highly recommended on the FRONT (and recommended on the REAR) of your car before going out on track.  The important thing is that you have appropriate tow points figured out that we can hook on to in order to tow you off track.  Please determine appropriate tow points - it is your responsibility and we will not be responsible for any damage done to your car.  A rear tow point is recommended in case we are forced to pull your car from behind.  If you do not have a tow-point, we will be forced to figure one out on the fly!

CAR NUMBERS are required. We will have tape available at the track for making numbers. Your numbers must be at least 8" tall, located on both sides and the back of your vehicle. You should use the number you signed up with. If you would like to change it, please notify us at registration.

The TECH FORM is a must-have at the event. Be sure to print it out, fill it out before the event, and bring it with you to registration:http://www.speedventures.com/events/tech.pdf

There is a track event checklist available if you're not sure what you should bring: https://www.speedventures.com/Events/trackchecklist.doc

Our HOST HOTEL in Buttonwillow, which we hope you will support, is Motel 6 Central (661-764-5121), which includes WiFi, HBO, and other amenities geared towards race car drivers and people who think they're race car drivers. NOTE: there are two Motel 6's at the Buttonwillow exit, ours is the one closest to the on/off ramp on the West side of the street. When you book your room, please state that you are with "SPEED VENTURES" to get your discount. If you have already booked a room at Motel 6 and have not mentioned Speed Ventures, please call back, let them know, and get your discount!

CAMPING will be available Friday and Saturday nights. If you forgot the $25 camping add-on to your registration, or if you changed your mind about camping, email info@speedventures.com and we'll add/remove it for you. The camping fee is just $25 per driver—any non-driving friends, family, and crew do not incur an additional fee.

TRANSPONDERS: If you forget to turn in your transponder at the conclusion of an event, you will be responsible for shipping it back ASAP. See the FAQ section at http://www.speedventures.com/Faqs/Default.aspx for shipping instructions. In addition, a $20 administration fee may be charged to process your return.

GARAGES: To reserve a garage, contact the Buttonwillow office directly: (661) 764-5333 or info@buttonwillowraceway.com.

Please see our FAQ for commonly asked questions.

Buttonwillow Raceway 13 CW (Saturday)

Buttonwillow Raceway 13 CW (Sunday)