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SINCE 2001, Speed Ventures has organized track events at the best road-racing tracks in California and Nevada and in the process, introduced thousands of drivers to the sport of road-racing.

We welcome experienced drivers and racers looking for a place to practice, test and compete and we offer orientation and instruction for beginners. Speed Ventures offers private events and run groups, time trials & competition, autocross, media days and more.

With just a helmet and stock safety equipment, you can explore your car's performance potential and build your skills in a safe, controlled environment. With events roughly every other weekend, we make it easy to get out and drive as fast as you want.

eric anderson at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on 4/16/2022

 Timing NameLap TimeRun GroupSpeedMakeModelYearTiresHP 
eric anderson2:10.519Yellow366.200    0
eric anderson2:11.502Yellow365.700    0
eric anderson2:12.753Yellow365.100    0
eric anderson2:13.284Yellow364.800    0
eric anderson2:13.889Yellow364.500    0
eric anderson2:16.116Purple263.500    0
eric anderson2:16.667Purple263.200    0
eric anderson2:17.373Purple262.900    0
eric anderson2:17.439Purple262.900    0
eric anderson2:18.159Yellow362.500    0
eric anderson2:19.655Purple261.900    0
eric anderson2:20.421Purple261.500    0
eric anderson2:22.110Purple260.800    0
eric anderson2:24.137Purple259.900    0
eric anderson2:31.716Purple156.900    0
eric anderson2:31.986Purple156.800    0
eric anderson2:39.613Purple154.100    0
eric anderson3:08.229Purple145.900    0

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