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Intro to Performance DrivingDrive your car on a race track! Get a taste of performance driving on the best tracks in California and Nevada. You'll begin with expert instruction in the classroom, followed by a 15 minute parade lap session led by Speed Ventures instructors. Then, we turn you loose for a 20 minute track session. It's the perfect way to experience the thrill of the track for the first time. (Limited time offer, dates TBD)$79.00
$75 Gift Certificate$75 Gift Certificate$75.00
$100 Gift Certificate$100 Gift Certificate$100.00
$150 Gift Certificate$150 Gift Certificate$150.00
$200 Gift Certificate$200 Gift Certificate$200.00
$250 Gift Certificate$250 Gift Certificate$250.00
$350 Gift Certificate$350 Gift Certificate$350.00
$500 Gift Certificate$500 Gift Certificate$500.00
$750 Gift Certificate$750 Gift Certificate$750.00
$1000 Gift Certificate$1000 Gift Certificate$1,000.00
$1650 Gift Certificate$1650 Gift Certificate for $1500 (10% bonus!)$1,500.00
$2200 Gift Certificate$2200 Gift Certificate for $2000 (10% bonus!)$2,000.00

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