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2013 REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event

The 5th Annual REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event welcomes Electric Cars and Motorcycles to world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for a forward looking showcase of cutting-edge technology in a motorsports setting.

Date Sunday, June 30, 2013
Price See notes above or click to register to see pricing options.
Instruction Instruction is not available. (Click here for more info)
Track WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (Salinas, CA)
Configuration Full Course CCW on Sunday
Timing AMB Timing and Transponders are available.
Event Info
2013 REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

The ADDRESS for Mazda Raceway is 1021 Monterey-Salinas Highway (HWY 68), Monterey, CA 93908.

To reach the TRACK, enter the Laguna Seca Recreation Area off HWY 68 (there's a large Mazda Raceway sign there).  Drive up the "A" Road to a roundabout.  Take a right on Perimeter Road (heading east).  This will wind around the outside of the course and cross a bridge over the straight between Turn 5 and Turn 6.  Follow this road down to the gate that leads into the Paddock.

There is a GATE FEE of $10 per person that will be collected as you enter and sign the track's waiver.  You'll get a wristband so that you can come and go without paying the fee or signing the waiver again.

The REFUEL PITS will be at the opposite end of the Paddock from the entry gate.  You will see signage on the chainlink fence along the hotpits.  This is where we plan to have power available for recharging.

POWER in the Paddock for recharging will come from the grid through temporary power boxes we're paying to have installed.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone's charging needs but there are a limited number of tie-ins available to us.  The power should will be RV-style hookups, 50amp 240 volts.  If you have access to any sort of travel adapters, you'll want to bring them.  Since we're making the track time and power available at no charge, we ask that all drivers and riders be courteous and share the hookups for recharging during down time.

SATURDAY arrivals are welcome.  The power should be in place by then for charging.  Cars can remain in the paddock overnight but can not be left charging without specific case-by-case permission.  Please see Chris or Aaron when you arrive on Saturday if you want to pre-charge.

There is no CAMPING overnight in the paddock.  Campsites in the Laguna Seca Recreation Area can be reserved from the County of Monterey:

REGISTRATION will take place between 8:00am and 8:45am on Sunday.  Other non-REFUEL run groups will be on track during REFUEL downtime and their registration takes place before REFUEL's.  Please do not try to register before 8:am.

The DRIVERS/RIDERS meeting will take place at 9:00am followed by additional instruction for those who are new to driving/riding on track.

HELMETS (Snell 2005+ newer) are required for everyone on track.  Passengers are allowed but also must have helmets.  If you do not have a helmet, please be sure to reserve one from Speed Ventures in advance ($30).

FULL LEATHERS are required for all motorcycle riders.

Some of you have asked whether or not KARTS would be allowed at the event.  We will have very limited (1 or 2 laps) practice available to electric karts. Karts will be allowed to participate in the SportElectric Time Trial.

Rental TRANSPONDERS are available for timing.  These attach temporarily to your car or bike and allow your lap-times to be recorded and are REQUIRED for participation in the SportElectric Time Trial. Transponders are $20 each for rental.

The SportElectric TIME TRIAL Competition is open to fully electric cars and motorcycles only.  The classes for cars are PROTOTYPE for non-homolugated and purpose-built race cars, CONVERSION for all converted production vehicles and PRODUCTION for production cars.  The classes for motorcycles are PROTOTYPE for non-homolugated and purpose-built race bikes and PRODUCTION for all stock or converted production bikes.

There will be a TIME TRIAL meeting midday which all SportElectric competitors must attend.

There will be a TROPHY CEREMONY for the Time Trial at the end of the event.
Attendees For a list of drivers registered for Sunday's event and their cars, click here.

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Full Course CCW (Sunday)

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