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MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca

This event open to All Drivers, All Cars, except beginners.
SATURDAY features open track for all drivers plus the Corvette Challenge, the S2K Challenge and the Miata Challenge
SUNDAY features REFUEL Clean Power Motorsports Event

Dates Friday, June 29, 2012
Saturday, June 30, 2012
Sunday, July 1, 2012
Price See notes above or click to register to see pricing options.
Instruction Instruction is available. (Click here for more info)
Track WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca (Salinas, CA)
Configuration Full Course CCW on Friday
Full Course CCW on Saturday
Full Course CCW on Sunday
Timing AMB Timing and Transponders are available.
Event Info

SPECIAL EVENT: Speed Ventures is hosting the REFUEL Alternative Vehicle Demonstration on Sunday, July 1.  We will have two regular car run groups available that day.  The rest of the day will be made available for electric cars and motorcycles.  Information and registration for REFUEL can be found at


WARNING: The SOUND LIMIT for this track is 92db and it is strictly enforced at MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca.  Most modified cars (exhaust, intake) do NOT make sound.  Making the sound limit is not a problem for most unmodified cars - most cars in stock condition pass sound.  HOWEVER, a number of cars do NOT make sound even in stock condition.  These tend to be cars making 400+ horsepower such as, but not limited to, the Ferrari F430 and F458, Lamborghinis, the 997GT3, the Corvette ZR-1, and some Vipers.  In addition, some 300+hp cars, such as the Cayman S (and probably the Cayman R) do not make sound.  Please call to discuss if you have a question about your car.  We will not give refunds or credits for future events for drivers/cars that do not make sound.  If your car is modified and/or is louder than stock, or your car is a high performance vehicle for which you do not have reliable confirmation of its sound level at MAZDA Raceway, please contact us to discuss the sound requirements before signing up.

SPECIAL FUEL NOTICE: MAZDA Raceway has race fuel, but they occasionally run out and sometimes the pumps do not work. If having unleaded race fuel is critical, be sure to bring your own.

MAZDA Raceway Laguna Seca Raceway is located at 1021 Monterey-Salinas Highway, Salinas CA 93908.

Unlike most MAZDA Raceway events, this weekend is controlled by the County and has special requirements. One requirement is that we charge an entrance fee. All of this money goes to the County, or to Heifer International, our charity for this event. The entrance fee for everyone (drivers, specatators, friends, family, crew) is $10. Thanks for your understanding and support of Monterey County and Heifer International.

This event, in addition to supporting the County (and Speed Ventures!), is also in support of Heifer International, which for 60 years has built on the simple idea of providing sustainable sources of food relief to poverty-stricken communities worldwide. Proceeds from the Drivers Dinner on Friday (see next item) will also go to Heifer International.

DRIVERS DINNER on Friday Night at the track (friends and family welcome!).  We'll be hosting a dinner trackside on Friday night for all drivers and guests.  The cost per person is $35 and the proceeds go to Heifer International (not a bad price for dinner in Monterey).  The menu is still being worked out (it will likely involve grills and/or barbecue) but a representative of Heifer International will be on hand to share information about their work around the world.  The price for this dinner can be added on to your registration or you can call Dave (323 782 3993) to add yourself and guests.

SCHEDULE: NOTE, Friday, Saturday and Sunday MAY run 6 run groups - either split into two half-days or running all day from 9am to possibly as late as 7:30pm. Please be prepared for schedule variation up until mid-May when we expect to finalize schedule details for Saturday.

The day will run smoothest for you if you show up at the track by 7:00am. Check-in will begin at 7:05am and end at 8:00am. Our drivers meeting will start at around 8:10. This meeting is MANDATORY for all drivers unless you have received prior clearance to miss it. Cars go on track at 9:00. PLEASE SHOW UP AT REGISTRATION BY 7:30am or you will miss your first run session of the day.

Anyone arriving Thursday to unload will have to unload outside the paddock area, preferably in Lot 5. Access to the paddock will not be granted until 7am on Friday morning. Anyone arriving Friday or Saturday to drive the following day will have to arrive by 6pm to get into the paddock, otherwise you can drop your trailer off in Lot 5 and enter the paddock the following day starting at 7am.

CAMPING in the paddock area is not allowed at this event, although you may leave your cars, trailers, and equipment in the paddock overnight. Camping is allowed in the Laguna Seca campgrounds just up the hill. Campsites there can be booked through the County Parks Department.

GASOLINE: Make sure you show up with enough gas to run your first session at least, if not the whole day. There are pumps at the track that USUALLY work (but there’s no guarantee). If your car cannot run without high-octane race fuel, please bring your own as we will not give refunds or credits if the pumps at the track do not work (this has happened twice).

FOOD & WATER: A snack bar will be open for this event. A water dispenser will also be provided. Please bring your own bottle to refill at the track.

You must have car NUMBERS, at least 8” tall, located on both sides AND the back of your vehicle. This is mandatory for all cars. You can make up a 3-digit number (no 1's and only one 7 allowed in the number) - we will notify you if it is in use by another driver at the track.

TOW HOOKS or some TOW POINT that you have figure out or established in advance are required on the FRONT and REAR of your car. It is your responsibility to make sure that use of the tow hook or tow point will not damage your car. Speed Ventures is not responsible for damage done to your car due to towing. We will be very strict about tow points at this event because of the widespread gravel traps at Laguna. It is not common to have to pull cars from the front and rear at this track.

The tech form is a must-have at the event. Be sure to print it out, fill it out before the event, and bring it with you to registration:

There is also a track event checklist available if you're not sure what you should bring:

The FAQ should answer the most commonly-asked questions:

Attendees For a list of drivers registered for Friday's event and their cars, click here.
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WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Full Course CCW (Friday)

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Full Course CCW (Saturday)

WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca Full Course CCW (Sunday)

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